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Why Shopamani?

Shopamani helps you generate more revenue, retain more customers and transform your customer experience by providing a complete solution set to analyze, understand and reach your customers with personalized campaigns, track their behavior throughout the campaign life cycle all the way to redemption. In order to create a rich experience, we have partnered up with leading technology companies to offer their services through our platform.

Loyalty & Campaign Management

No need to engage IT, CRM, Marketing and Sales departments in order to create campaigns. Shopamani automates everything for you. Create tens of campaigns for different customer segments within a few minutes and have them delivered to your customers instantly.

Active campaigns can be tracked in real time and can be modified on the fly. Once campaign is complete, a proprietary scoring algorithm is used to rate campaign based on various factors. You can then compare different campaign performances and use successful ones as base for future campaigns.

As more campaigns are created, our loyalty engine uses those campaign results for more intelligent segmentation.


Cross Promotions

It is extremely manual, time consuming and difficult to organize cross-promotion campaigns between merchants. Because of this overhead, the results suggest that it's not worth doing it again.

Shopamani fully automates weeks, sometimes months long preparation process and brings it down to hours or days. Merchants are able to browse and send cross-promotion requests to other merchants, seamlessly through Shopamani Portal.

Cross promotions are flexible based on your needs. They can be short or long campaigns based on time limits. Cross promotion campaigns have 3 types:

One-way: Specific action at merchant A earns rewards at merchant B.

Two-way: Specific actions at both merchants earn rewards at both merchants.

Point sharing: Loyalty points can be used across multiple merchants based on pre-defined point conversion ratios.

Customer Messaging

It is not always about creating campaigns. Sometimes, it is about keeping in touch with your customer to maintain a healthy relationship. It is about sending reminders, letting the right customer know about a new store opening or about the arrival of a new product line.

Shopamani smart segmentation tool works with MailChimp to painlessly deliver personalized emails to the customers only when relevant. If the merchant has mobile apps integrated with the Shopamani platform, Shopamani Push Notification service takes care of sending push notifications.