Everything in your wallet is now in one mobile app!

Your digital wallet on your smartphone! Leave all cards, coupons, gift checks and cash at home, just take your phone and go! And continue with your every day activities! A wallet-less new life, full of rewards is awaiting you...

Does your business have an existing loyalty program?

Great! We will build the mobile version so that your customers can throw away the plastic cards! And you can reach them on-the-go anywhere, any time!

Your business does not have a loyalty program, but you would like to reward your customers to increase traffic, sales, publicity?

We will develop a mobile loyalty program for all your objectives within days using our Shopamani Loyalty Management Tools.

  • Offer automated deals and rewards based on multiple criteria and broadcast them in your customers' personal inbox.
  • Interact with your customers via surveys, quizzes, social games via their phones and increase your brand awareness.
  • Offer further convenience for in-store shoppers with Shopamani Inventory Integration Tool:
"Scan the barcode with your phone and get instant product and stock information, order from another store, and win an instant bargain!"

Include mobile payment in your mobile app and and offer additional convenience to your customers:

"No more lining up at the cashier to pay! Shop within minutes with in-store express check-out!" "No more waiting for the waiter to pay the bill! Enjoy your meal and drinks and leave when you want, paying on your phone"

Whether you have an active Loyalty Program or not, you can start benefiting from Mobile Marketing to the new generation, always on-the-go Shopamani SmartWallet users!

  • Create campaigns, send push notifications, send coupons, gift checks, invites
  • Interact with surveys, games, instant rewards
  • All location-based as well as personalized based on multiple criteria
  • All measurable with instant performance reports

Add mobile commerce to your mobile loyalty program and enable your customers to purchase your products at any time!

Have your own marketplace or simply join ShopamaniMarket and benefit from a marketplace traffic!

Get multi-variable reports on your customers based on their chosen preferences, actual shopping behaviors and other interests!

Get cross sector reports and develop cross-marketing projects! Or surprise your customers with a unique present on their birthday that show that you really know them and that you care! With Shopamani Analytics you can see where your customers dine, which malls they shop at, what products they browse the most, what airlines they fly and which hotels they like the most...

Launch your Loyalty Program within days or a few weeks! No hardware or Infrastructure Investment Required!

Shopamani works fully integrated with your existing POS and ERP systems

Shopamani is integrated with some of the major POS system providers in hospitality and retail industries such as Micros and Vectron. And whether you have an in-house developed POS and ERP system or whether you use one of the global players' products like IBM, NCR, we integrate with your systems for a seamless loyalty program that you can launch in a very short period and with minimum upfront cost.

Receive mobile payment with any credit/debit card or alternative payment systems

Shopamani is integrated with bank's virtual POS gateways as well as other payment systems such as PayPal and operator payment. SmartWallet users can register all their credit and debit cards as well as other payment accounts such as PayPal or their operator account to their digital wallet and choose to pay with any of them. Merchants can also choose to accept payment with one or more of the mobile payment system Shopamani is integrated with.

Your One-Click M-Commerce MarketPlace!

ShopamaniMarket is a new sales channel for your business to get more exposure. Display your products to your customers on-the-go and enable them to order any time! Coupled with Shopamani Mobile Payment, ShopamaniMarket is a mobile catalog for consumers to browse, get detailed info and set an order, all on their phone!

  • Your customers can browse your products and purchase in one click via their mobile phone
  • Items purchased on ShopamaniMarket can be shipped to their address or can be picked up at your chosen store
  • You can easily manage your products and offers with Shopamani Storefront Admin Tool
  • With live Shopamani Reports you can monitor product and sales performance anytime, and with CRM Reports, you can further analyze customer segment-product correlation

CRM Consulting

Customer loyalty is a major payoff for business owners. Implementing the right strategies to increase retention and customer loyalty makes it easier for you to grow your business.

Shopamani provides consulting as well as analytical reports that will assist you to understand your customer base, spending behavior and patterns. Our consultants with your insights can help you to unlock the full potential of your customer base and implement tailored loyalty initiatives.

Both Mobile Marketing and Mobile Loyalty services include the following CRM Reports:

Demographic Reports

  • Based on gender, age group, location, spending behavior and patterns

Multiple parameter, segment driven, performance reports

  • Which campaign at what location and segment, had the most success rate?
  • Campaign comparisons based on interest, usages, number of times they were shared and clicked on social media

Premium CRM Reports to assist creating marketing campaigns with better ROI

  • What other brands do my customer like, what are their favorite shopping areas and categories?
  • Breakdown of customer segments based on campaign types
  • Based on my customer preferences, what other brands can we work with to create cross-campaigns? What would be the ideal cross-campaign scenario?
  • Where are my customers located throughout the day? What are the popular hangout locations for my customers where we I don't have a store?

Shopamani Drink&Dine

A Model Program that demonstrates how Shopamani Loyalty & CRM Platform can be used to the Benefit of Businesses in every Consumer Industry...

Drink&Dine is a mobile coalition-loyalty and CRM program for hospitality industry. With Shopamani Drink&Dine, restaurant, café, bar and club owners not only join a collective loyalty points scheme to reward their customers, but can also reach out to their customers with personalized messages and offers based on multiple data on every individual, stored on Shopamani database.

No Time Wasted on Tab Closing! Your Staff can focus on Better Customer Service and Satisfaction!

Customers simply open a tab on their mobile phone, present the unique code displayed to the bartender/waiter, then keep ordering on their phones and leave as soon as they are ready, by closing the tab on their phones.

Increase Sales with Last Minute Orders and Faster Table Turn-Over!

Without having to worry about waiting for their check, customers can keep ordering until last minute and can leave any time. Your receivables are secured because Shopamani automatically closes any tab that is not closed within a certain time limit.

Increase Traffic with New Customers, Personalized Deals and Publicity!

You can push personalized deals or create segment-specific marketing campaigns to reach your existing customers or other Drink∓Dine members...

Invite them for a last minute Happy Hour, incentify them to use their Drink&Dine points at your location, have a Mojito-Lovers Theme Party and reach out to those who mostly consume Mojito! Further incentify them to share your messages and their experiences in social media and increase your brand's visibility.

Mobile Payment

No more Long Queues with Faster Check-Out!

Shopamani is integrated with major banks and payment systems such as PayPal. Through its integrations, Shopamani SmartWallet can take payment with all Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, debit cards as well as operator billing.

Increase customer satisfaction by reducing the service time during checkout!

Free your staff's time to have them focus more on engaging in customer satisfaction!

On-the-Go Shopping!

Enable one-click shopping with Shopamani Mobile-Commerce Tool, and have your products next to your customers any time, anywhere!

Mobile Marketing, Advertising & Communication

Whether you have an active Loyalty Program or not, you can start benefiting from Mobile Marketing to the new generation, always on-the-go Shopamani SmartWallet users!

  • Create campaigns, send push notifications, send coupons, gift checks, invites
  • Interact with surveys, games, instant rewards
  • All location-based as well as personalized based on multiple criteria
  • All measurable with instant performance reports

Shopamani Mobile Marketing Platform

  • Personalized, location and segment based access to all Shopamani SmartWallet users via Shopamani Admin Tool
  • Unlimited number of deal and campaign creation
  • Instant segment, customer-reach and performance reports on all deals and campaigns
  • Unlimited Push Notifications for location and segment based reach
  • "Message to Personal Inbox" function, to reach those consumers who have shown an interest for your brand!
  • Comprehensive multi variable, multi-sector CRM Reports
  • Campaign and Content Management support if you don’t have in-house resources

QR Code Applications & Interactive Events

You can collect valuable customer data with Shopamani interactive events!

  • Measurable campaigns with QR codes in your stores as well as on all visual media (posters, menus, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, billboards, e-newsletter, social media)
  • Interactive events with gamification at shopping centers, universities, airports, festivals
  • QR Code applications for multiple purposes; download coupon, participate in survey,watch video, view look-book etc.

Mobile Loyalty

No plastic cards, No POS Terminals, No Paper Checks, No Paper Statements!

Shopamani Mobile Loyalty Programs work seamlessly with your existing Point-of-Sale systems without the need of any external hardware. Zero upfront investment required!

You can have a mobile extension to your existing loyalty program, or have a fully custom built program.

Your customers can: signup to your loyalty program via the Shopamani SmartWallet App on their smart phones, earn and redeem points, coupons, gift checks in line with your program, view product and inventory details at your stores, view digital statements.

Increase in-store traffic flow with Express Check-Out and Mobile Payment...

Combined with mobile payment, your customers can purchase items and leave without having to queue at cashiers, order products that are in stock in a different store. With mobile payment, they can also purchase mobile gift checks for their friends.

Shopamani Mobile Loyalty Programs are Social and Interactive Driving New Customers to You...

Shopamani Loyalty Platform is integrated with all social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Your customers can share your deals, their purchases, their shopping lists on social media, acting as your viral marketing agents. You can reach out to them anytime via their phones with deals, news, interactive communication asking for product reviews, store and staff feedback, or offering additional benefits to encourage social media sharing. They can also buy your gift checks and send it to their friends on their social media networks, and further invite them to sign-up to your program.

We are currently accepting new businesses to partner with us. Please fill the form below.

Please contact us for partnership opportunities Please include country code if applicable

Shopamani SmartWallet App for iPhone and Android

Your digital wallet on your smartphone! Leave all cards, coupons, gift checks and cash at home, just take your phone and go! And continue with your every day activities! A wallet-less new life, full of rewards is awaiting you...

Shopamani SmartWallet stores your loyalty cards, credit and other payment cards, as well as gift cheques & coupons, and let's you shop anywhere without the need to carry any plastic card or cash.

  • You can register your existing loyalty accounts or sign up to new accounts and view all your points in one view.
  • You can use all your cards securely without having to carry a wallet and without the worry of losing them.
  • Drink&Dine! While doing so, earn points, share your experience with friends, and maybe get a free drink!
  • You can browse through deals of your favorite brands, including retailers, restaurants, malls and sign up to their mobile loyalty programs.
  • You can use your loyalty programs each time you shop in physical stores online stores or in mobile stores, and never miss earning points and rewards.
  • You can redeem your points and rewards as you wish and pay your balance with your registered payment cards.
  • All only using your Shopamani SmartWallet on your phone!

All only using your Shopamani SmartWallet on your phone!

Our Dream

We are a team of young and never aging souls, pragmatic, curious about everything, always on-the-run and never wanna miss anything, We are passionate about life, about indulging our senses on food, shopping, technology, travel, sports and adventure. There is so much we would like to do and accomplish, we love everything simple, relevant and within easy reach! Life is too short, we’ve got no time to waste...

Receiving tens and hundreds of irrelevant messages via sms and email every day is not the best way to get our attention! It actually drives us crazy!

Whether it is a deal or a promotion, we would only like to receive information relevant to us that we can use as we want...

Shopping shall not always be an excursion, it must become a part of our routine; between two meetings, before a movie, after lunch...

And when we do decide to go shopping, it has to be an absolute pleasure from A to Z! We like to be recognized by our favorite brands, reminded what we may have really intended to buy, offered the best available deals and rewarded for visiting them. Moreover, we hate waiting to get product and availability information, queuing to pay, to have sensors removed. Likewise when we go out to eat, we get really impatient having to wait for the check, then the POS, then the receipt. All this, what a waste of time...

If only we could streamline all these processes...

So we imagined a new World and we created Shopamani...

Our Vision

Leader in Mobile Technologies, Pioneer in Change!

Our Mission

Leverage state-of-the-art information technologies while leading the effort for the formation of a conscious economic system, that ensures one-to-one, uninterrupted and efficient communication between brands and consumers; that enables brands to identify the true consumer needs and provide the right solutions and services.

Management Team

Kerem Sözügeçer

Before embarking on his journey to set up Shopamani, Kerem Sözügeçer was a Director at Oracle/San Francisco managing Siebel CRM Enterprise releases with a team of 200+ people. He owned and managed the product road map for all Siebel CRM products. Prior to Oracle, he was head of product engineering at Telephony@Work in San Diego, where he was responsible for the overall performance of internal technical operations and planned/managed workload of the R&D department. In his first corporate job at GE, Kerem had designed and developed an award winning web-based "vendor information" system (eSupplier Almanac) that substantially reduced time to locate vendors and pricing info. eSupplier Almanac was later used by 35K+ employees providing savings of $1.5MM over 12 months.

An inventer and a visionary by nature, Kerem has taken his extensive experience ranging from start-ups to large-scale multinational corporations, to change the way businesses operate to reach out to their target customers.

Other than being a technology and gadget lover, Kerem is an avid skier, golfer and a rock climber.

Kerem has a BS from Rensellear Polytechnic Institute where he was also the Winner of Fall ’99 Annual Venture Opportunity competition awarded by Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship.

Irem Sözügeçer

Irem Sozugecer is one of the pioneers of VC and PE industry in Turkey where she started the first VC/Incubator for IT and Internet companies, Silkroad Ventures, in 2000. She has been an investment manager and a strategic advisor with extensive experience in management consulting, entrepreneurship, start-ups, early-stage and growth capital investments in Turkey, Europe and the US. Prior to joining the founding team of Shopamani, she was heading the Principal Investment/Private Equity practice of Ackermans van Haaren, a BEL20 Indexed diversified investment group with over €3 billion assets under management, focusing on growth sectors in Turkey, ranging from consumer products & services to minerals & aggregates and renewable energy. She has been an investor and advisor in various real estate and technology initiatives around the globe.

Irem Sozugecer is on the Board of Turkey’s Science Foundation, Sustainable Development Platform under Marmara Foundation, has been an active member of the Wharton Club of Turkey and several other non-profit organizations and initiatives primarily focusing on the education and empowerment of children and women.

Above all, she is an avid outdoors sports enthusiast ranging from climbing to skiing, diving, biking and is also an amateur tri-athlete.

Irem Sozugecer has a BS in Economics, Cum Laude, with concentrations in Corporate Finance and Strategic Management, from the Wharton School. She is fluent in Turkish, English and German, conversant in French.

Jonathan Chum

An accomplished application, mobile software, and server engineer in Silicon Valley and Atlanta for over 12 years. Formerly at Zynga, Jonathan Chum worked on large scale, high revenue generating projects including Mafia Wars, FarmVille, CastleVille, PetVille, and Zynga Direct (350MM MAU) that led the company to its 1B IPO. Prior to Zynga, he worked on Y! oneSearch mobile platform, Del.icio.us, Y! Answers, Y! Bookmarks internationalization/localization in over 20 countries. He also hold a US Patent (US20090240564) and a World International Patent (WO/2009/146087) for "Open Framework for Integrating, Associating and Interacting With Content Objects".

As a member of the founding team of Shopamani since its inception, in Aug 2012, Jonathan resigned from his job at Zynga/San Francisco to join Shopamani full time, to lead the international business development.

In his free time, Jonathan enjoys travel hacking last minute trips around the globe and as a gourmet lover, discovering new tastes and places to eat. His next ambition is also learning how to cook different tastes.

Gokhan Serifoglu

During his 8 years in New York as an accomplished Project Manager, Gökhan Şerifoğlu managed and delivered complicated development projects with tight and complex schedules. Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Willis and Jeff Gordon are only a few of the notable clients that he served in NYC. Meeting his future wife who is from Czech Republic, he took on the challenge when he was offered the Country Manager role in Prague to establish BDP International's chemicals logistics business in the region. During his 3 years in Prag, he stabilized BDP's existing business line, established the new business line serving key clients like Dow, Dupont, Bayer and achieved over 300% growth . As he spent a sizable portion of his time on the marketing and sales aspects of the business, he also started graduate studies at LaSalle University on Professional Communication and PR.

Gokhan has a BS in Civil Engineering from Kocaeli University, BA in Economics from Baruch College, MS in Construction Project Management from NYU and is also expecting his MA in Professional communication and PR from LaSalle University. With a keen eye on Doctoral studies, currently he is splitting his time between his one year old son and Shopamani.

Levent Unver

Levent Unver graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology in 2007. On the year of his graduation, he attended Microsoft Imagine Cup Software Design Contest where his project was awarded second place. This was a life and career changing event for him. He continued with his graduate studies at Bosphorus University where his research topic was probabilistic databases and machine learning within artificial intelligence. Beginning of 2012, his project work is submitted to Expert Systems with Application journal by Elsevier. In addition to his academic career, Levent worked at Netas/Nortell for two years as a Software Design Engineer. He is also the founder and developer of the start-up "Errorbase" which has 210,000 visitors since its inception in 2008.

While leading the server-side development team at Shopamani, Levent also sticks to his passion for music. He plays keyboards, drums and other percussion instruments in his leisure time and participates in a rock band.

Talha Kosen

Talha’s interest to computer technologies goes back to early childhood. After attending a Technical High School, Talha received a chance to convert his interest into knowledge by attending Yildiz TechnicalUniversity majoring in Computer Science.

Talha defines himself as a guru in mobile and web applications. Leading the front-end development team at Shopamani, Talha developed many user-friendly and popular mobile apps during his career. Few of his flagships projects include Samsung Mobile application and smart.tv, Teknosa and Vakko magazine applications for Android, and Tivibu Wap Project which he developed on .Net.

When he is not in front of his computer screen, he goes behind a different screen as an avid photographer.

Yavuz Göncü

With a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, Yavuz has spent over nine years leading multiple award-winning design teams as an architect, a graphic artist and creative director. His background includes work with Grant Architects, Ayers/Saint/Gross, and ASGVIS. Currently an owner and the creative director of PYLOT Studios, Yavuz's "outside of the box" approach to design makes him a unique asset to the look and feel of Shopamani Smart Wallet. He's the driving force behind our UI imagery and the core communicator of ideas and solutions between the interface and the user. A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Yavuz now makes his home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Leading Investors & Advisors

Aydonat Atasever

A serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor of technology start-ups, Aydonat was one of the 4 founding partners of gittigidiyor.com the leading online auction site in Turkey, which was the first successful tech start-up story in the country. Gittigidiyor.com was acquired by Ebay in 2010 for $235M following a minority stake buy-out in 2007. Aydonat is also the driving force behind other rising star start-ups in Turkey like iPara, an online payment provider, Setrow, an e-mail marketing agency, Youlike, a unique matching site of people with similar interests. An architect by training with a BS from Istanbul Technical University, other than technology investments, he is also involved in real estate development projects through Omurga Yapi, where he is a shareholder and a board member.

Husamettin Bayazit

Husamettin Bayazit is Supervisory Board Member of Stanton Chase Turkey, advising the board on New Media, Digital Commerce, Mobile and Digital Communications, Social Media, Internet Ventures, and the Consumer Technology areas. Bayazit has more than 15 years of professional experience. He has a very strong background and track record in Mobile Communication and FMCG Industries. Most recently he was the General Manager of Vodafone Northern Cyprus and Head of Commercial Strategy at Vodafone Turkey. Previously, he held regional Marketing Manager of Middle East & North Africa and Country General Manager positions at Brown Forman Beverages Company, and Marketing Manager position in Pepsico, Frito Lay Turkey.

Antony Meijer

Founder and Managing Partner of Solum Real Estate, a real estate development and asset management firm primarily focused in Luxembourg. Formerly partner of MeyerBergman Real Estate Development Fund active in Netherlands, UK and south western Europe. Antony is an active angel investor in technology and new media start-ups.

Duncan Stewart

Duncan Stewart is the Director of Deloitte Canada Research in the areas of Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT), Life Sciences and GreenTec.

One of Canada's leading futurists, Duncan has spoken and written often on the arrival and impact of tablets. He has a high profile media presence and is frequently interviewed on technology and biotechnology issues. He has a brand new Technology column in the Globe and Mail online edition.

Duncan has two decades of experience in the TMT industry. As an analyst and portfolio manager, he has provided research or made investments in the entire Canadian technology and telecommunications sector. He was also a co-founder of Tera Capital, Canada’s first high tech and biotech money manager, where he was responsible for managing both mutual funds and VC funds and was the Canadian Technology Fund Manager of the Year in 2003.

He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. But he has geek credibility too: at Banff NextMedia in 2010, he participated (and won) the iPad App demo contest.

Wilfried Grommen

Wilfried Grommen is Chief Technology Officer within HP, mainly focusing on the large government institutions like EU, UN and NATO. He is also a core member of the Public Sector team in EMEA as cloud expert. As chief technologist he outlines HP’s strategic vision on IT value, and the core IT solutions which HP can offer. This includes business alignment, core technology domains like cloud adoption, information management, security and mobility. Prior to this role, Wilfried was CTO of Microsoft for CEE, with a lot of emphasis on technology policy (interoperability, innovation, security) and part of the core Citizenship team, with strong EU involvement around the digital agenda.

Prior to Microsoft Wilfried led several international management jobs in technology development and strategy with Capco, a financial services and solutions provider (software factory), IBM global services (business – IT alignment consulting) and Motorola (networking). Wilfried has 21 years of expertise in the IT industry.

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